Golf Hits Counter

This simple golf hits counter app just does what it is named after. It counts (manually by you) all your hits on the golf course for each hole. All you need to make things even easier is a Apple iWatch and you can dump your iPhone in your pocket or even forget the phone at home.

There is no registration, no sharing, no advertisment or in-app-purchase in this app, just a simple counter and it works right away, out of the box.

For every hit just press + and press – to remove a hit for the current hole that you are playing.

When you are ready with one hole, just hit NEXT.
Hit PREVIOUS to go back and review a previously played hole and if you need, correct the number of hits for that hole.

As soon as any of the buttons is pressed, the data is saved to all devices so it can be restored if the app is closed or watch is rebooted. The data is constantly syncronized between your Apple iWatch and iPhone & reflected on the other device if they are paired correctly.

To export data, go to the Scoring Screen by swiping left on the iPhone app & press the export button in the top right corner.


Download it here

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New update for Othello Crush

Now you can win cool items in Othello Crush to be able to gain an opportunity over your opponent.
Drop a bomb on your opponents board, or just flip an extra piece whenever you like or why not just make a extra move.

Every time you make your own draw you have the chance to get a new item.

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